End of Version 7

From Monday 22nd February 2021 version 8 of ez2view has been released. As a client currently using version 7 of the software we invited you to upgrade now, at your convenience.

However we stress that upgrades must be completed prior to 1st October 2021 as we will be switching off version 7 at that time.


Why are we switching version 7 off, on 1st Oct 2021

We have some clients running version 7 who are still running version

  • Which was released in May 2018
  • So which misses out on all the functionality added into the subsequent v7 releases through until December 2020 (31 months later).
  • It’s a declining number who are that far behind – but, for them, this is a significant amount of added value those clients are missing out on!

Beginning with the release of version 8, we will be placing more emphasis on ensuring that clients are using more current versions of the software – hence clients won’t be able to lapse 2 ½ years behind!

However there is a more significant additional reason, which is the commencement of Five Minute Settlement from 1st October 2021.

  • From this point in time version 7 won’t only be out-of-date;
  • With a number of widgets it could be dangerously misleading after 1st October 2021, because of some fundamental changes to data structures.

We take our responsibility for ‘making complexity understandable’ seriously, which is why we will be switching off version 7 from 1st October 2021.


Which version should you upgrade to, prior to 1st Oct 2021

This will primarily rely on the version of the EMMS you are running.


AEMO EMMS v4.30 or beforehand


(current at 22nd Feb 2021)



(available from 1st April 2021 and essential from 1st October 2021)

ez2view version 8.0 was released on Monday 22nd February 2021, as described here. Clients can upgrade to version 8 at their convenience. This version operates with respect.

This version operates with respect to the current version of the EMMS (version 4.30).

For those clients who have not upgraded to EMMS ver 5.0 prior to 5MS commencing on 1st October, we will continue supporting version 8 of the software beyond that point in time:

  • There will be an end date (after that time), but it is still to be determined;
  • We would caution, however, that some widgets will show incorrect/incomplete data as data formats change.
ez2view version 9 is being developed to be compatible with EMMS version 5.0.

Clients will have the option of upgrading:

  • To version 9.0 as soon as April 2021; and
  • To version 9.1 by September 2021

Plans for version 9 are described in more detail here.