v8.0.0.1411 Released

Compared to v8.0.0.1357 (which was released on 22nd Feb 2021) this version contains a number of enhancements, including the following:

1) Enhancements to several widgets

(a) Fuel Types now on NEM Map widget

Based on customer requests, we’ve updated the ‘NEM Map’ widget to include information on the MW production by fuel type for each region – as shown here:

As with the ‘Generation’ figure above this, the data shown is for ‘InitialMW’ captured at the start of the relevant dispatch interval.


For batteries and hydro, the generation figure are net of charging – with negative numbers meaning charging/pumping.


The Widget Guide for the ‘NEM Map’ widget provides more details.

(b) Trading Price Table Widget

Based on requests for some customers for enhancements beyond what we had done for v8.0.01357, we have further enhanced the Price Table widget to enable the user to remove the labelling of dispatch times:

This option is available under the ‘cog’ button (used on certain ez2view widgets to allow for configuration of certain widget settings).


The Widget Guide to the ‘Trading Price Table’ widget provides more details.

(c) MT PASA DUID Availability widget

When we released v8.0.01357, we had included the new ‘MT PASA DUID Availability’ widget – but this version of the widget provided a starting set of date range selections – as highlighted here:

Understanding that there are additional reasons why you might want to be using this widget (e.g. you might be looking at a particular Quarter, relevant to your futures trade) we have extended this functionality further in this version:

We envisage that there is much more functionality that could be added into this widget, so we are specifically seeking your feedback on how far you would like us to continue expanding this functionality?


The Widget Guide for the ‘MT PASA DUID Availability’ widget provides more details.

(d) PASA widget

This change above was also implemented for the older ‘PASA’ Widget.


The Widget Guide for the ‘PASA’ widget provides more details.

2) Improved operation of the ‘Common Cloud MMS’

It’s also worth noting these changes made recently to streamline data updates from the ‘Common Cloud MMS’ – which is the default data source for ez2view.




The ‘Common Cloud MMS’ is the default data source that ez2view uses when it’s first installed.


For clients who have their own MMS in place (especially if this contains Private Data) we recommend you point to your own Private MMS as discussed here.