v8.0.0.1414 Released

On 30th March 2021 we released ez2view (here are the release notes) – which was an upgrade on v8.0.0.1357 (which was released on 22nd Feb 2021).


There were a number of enhancements rolled into this upgrade – including the addition of fuel type summaries, and hyperlinking, for each region on the NEM Map.


Unfortunately, we have since come to understand that one of the things we did (in updating the embedded Chromium browser) has broken some functionality in at least two ways:

Authentication RECAPTCHA error

Time Travel on Trends

We have seen a number of clients bump into this error when trying to reset their passwords inside of the installed ez2view application.

This error also has the effect of disabling Time-Travel on web trends you publish from Trends Editor within ez2view. This error looks like this:

Right-click and select ‘View Image’ to see a larger version of this screenshot.


As a result of which we fixed this error and released ez2view on 1st April 2021 and made this the default v8 download on this page.


Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience experienced.