v8.0.0.1424 Released

On Friday 30th April 2021 we released ez2view v8.0.0.1424 as an upgrade on v8.0.0.1414 (which itself followed on from v8.0.0.1411 and v8.0.0.1357 (released on 22nd Feb 2021).


With this upgrade, there are two main changes to point out:

1) Upgrade to ‘NSW Schematic’ Widget

The NSW schematic has been updated to prepare for the registration of four new stations:

These stations have hit the AEMO’s pre-prod systems – but are not yet in production.

2) Regional Price Table Widget

Based on requests from a customer, we have extended the customisability of the widget to allow the user to select 0 trading periods in the past to be shown (for v8.0.0.1414 and beforehand the minimum number selectable was 1).

3) Other bug fixes and minor changes

There were some other bug fixes included.