v8.0.0.1440 Released

On Friday 18th June 2021 we released ez2view v8.0.0.1440, which followed on from several previous version 8 iterations:

Update to the VIC Schematic

The VIC Schematic was updated to include the ‘VIC Big Battery’ station and load within the Melbourne TNSP Zone. These two units are currently in the AEMO’s pre-production system.

Addition of several pre-configured semi-scheduled wind and solar trends

Since the last release of ez2view we have also added in 12 new pre-configured trends – displaying semi-scheduled wind and solar data for each region and the whole NEM. You will be able to find these within the ‘Intermittent Generation Forecasts’ folder in the ez2view Explorer.

As our trends widget is web-based, these pre-configured trends are also accessible in previous versions of ez2view.