ez2view v9.0.0.1664 beta released

On Wednesday 7th July 2021 we’ve made the first public release of ez2view v9.0 to help our clients prepare for Five Minute Settlement, which:

  • commences 1st October 2021 and
  • requires MMS v5.0

You can access this at the ez2view installer page.


1) Addresses Five Minute Settlement

We have been running this internally against an MMS 5.0 database for a number of weeks, and believe this is feature complete (including what we have done in some widgets to provide clarity to Potential Tripwire #1).

We have tested it extensively, and it will deal with the transition to 5MS successfully.

We are still determining what more (if anything) we need to do to assist clients in overcoming Potential Tripwire #2 … so there may be more enhancements made to future versions of the software.


2) Requires MMS 5.0

For this version to work correctly, it requires to be pointed to an MMS version 5.0 – which AEMO released to production from 1st April 2021.

Our ‘Global-Roam ez2view Cloud Data Source’ (which is the default source of data used by the application, unless you change this to point to your own) has been established to deliver what is required as MMS version 5.0.


3) Known issue with analysis of bid data

Whilst feature complete, there’s a caveat here that there is a known issue that the performance will be slow if used to analyse historical bidding behaviour.

This arises because the bid data in v9 (or 5MS) is 6 times as large. This will impact users differently, depending on:

  1. Whether you analyse bidding data extensively (particularly the ‘Bids & Offers’ widget – though remember that bids are incorporated in other areas as well); and
  2. How much RAM you have.

For those who just use ez2view to watch in real time, and look at constraints (for instance) these issues may not be a concern.

We are making this v9.0 release now so that clients can choose (if they want) to upgrade to v9.0 now and then v9.1 when that is available.


4) Version 9.1 will be released before 1st October

To address this known shortcoming, we are already part-way through a program of work to streamline the way bids are queried inside of the relevant widgets in ez2view.

After this work has been completed, a supplementary manual test pass will be conducted focused on those aspects of the data querying that have been streamlined.

This will be released as a v9.1 prior to 1st October 2021.

At this point (i.e. Wednesday 7th July 2021) we can’t provide a definite release date for this version. Hence clients have two options:

  • Option 1) you could upgrade to v9.0 now, and then upgrade to v9.1 when that becomes available.This might be the preferred option for those who wish to might take some time to roll out the upgrade of ez2view (and possibly your MMS upgrade as well). In this way you will have a version running at 1st October that is 5MS compatible.
  • Option 2) you could continue running v8 now (noting that this will work correctly against MMS 5.0 – but only until 1st October) and then upgrade straight to v9.1 when that is released.


5) Version 9.2 potentially required for WDRM

Also in October is the commencement of the Wholesale Demand Response Mechanism (WDRM), which:

What we are doing, in v9.1 above, will go a long way to resolving Tripwire #3.

When we are completed what is required for v9.1 we’ll think more specifically about what else is required for WDRM.