Installer for ez2view v7 removed

Where’s the installer for ez2view v7 gone?

On Wednesday 7th July 2021 we made the first public release of ez2view v9.0 to help our clients prepare for Five Minute Settlement, which:

  • commences 1st October 2021 and
  • requires MMS v5.0

As part of this release process, we removed the link for the legacy v7 installer from the ez2view installer page.


1) Warning provided in February

Back in February 2021 we published this ‘End of Version 7’ warning, in conjunction with the first release of v8.

We also contacted each of our clients directly to alert them to this change.


2) Removal of installer to version 7 in July

Now, almost 5 months later, most clients have upgraded to one of the permutations of ez2view v8 that are in circulation.

Tip – you can always download the latest version from here.

That means we have three months to follow up the remaining copies of v7 and ensure that they are all migrated to ez2view v8 or v9 prior to the commencement of Five Minute Settlement.


3) Version 7 will be switched off prior to 1st October

Five Minute Settlement commences on Friday 1st October 2021.

From that point onwards, ez2view v7 would begin to show incorrect and misleading data in a significant number of its widgets. We can’t let that happen, so will be switching v7 off prior to that time.

To ensure this does not happen, we will be switching off all copies of version 7 before that date (in the couple of weeks beforehand).

From this point forwards, we will start chasing those few people still running copies of version 7 in order that they have time to upgrade off version 7 prior to the commencement of Five Minute Settlement.


4) Version 8 will be switched off shortly after 1st October

Reminder – always check the ez2view installer page for the latest version, as this page will be superseded quickly.

Today there are two options you have for upgrade:

  • Option 1) you can upgrade to version 8 now and to version 9.1 later. v8 has been released for 5 months, and has already been through a number of iterations, with some listed here. We will ensure that v8 continues to run for a short time past 1st October 2021 for those who have still to upgrade to v9.
  • Option 2) you can upgrade to version 9.0 now (so long as the known performance issue with analysis of bid data in version 9.0 won’t be significant for you) and upgrade to version 9.1 later.