v8.0.0.1444 Released

On Friday 18th June 2021 we released ez2view v8.0.0.1440, which followed on from several previous v8 iterations:

ez2update superseded with upgrade to Global-Roam Web Data Source

Previously, clients who were running our ez2update client would have been unable to simultaneously use our Cloud MMS with their local MITC analysis or local TNSP database. This release has resolved this inability and users can now easily switch between using our cloud MMS (Global-Roam Web Data Source) and ez2update, while continuing to use their local MITC or TNSP database.


This functionality will enable us to eventually deprecate ez2update and allow clients coming off ez2update to use a cloud-based MMS that can be queried directly. This functionality has also been made standard for ez2view v9.