v9.1.2.5 Released

On Monday 27th September 2021 we have released ez2view v9.1.2.5 to help our clients operate in under Five Minute Settlement, which

  • commences this Friday 1st October 2021; and
  • requires MMS v5.0


We recommend that all clients upgrade to v9.1 as soon as you are able – particularly any client still running v7 or v8 (as you will be seeing incorrect data by the end of this week!).


Upgrade now, to experience the much faster bids analysis capability!


You can access this at the ez2view installer page.

1) Highlights about ez2view v9.1

With respect to version 9.1, here are some highlights:


Highlight Description
MMS v5.0

This version requires MMS v5.0.

Option 1 = Cloud Data Source

If you are using the default cloud data source, this is all ready for you.

Option 2 = BYO Private MMS

If you try to run ez2view against an older (local) version of the MMS, it won’t let you run and will pop you up a message noting some missing tables:

Much faster ‘bids analysis’ capability!

Generator bids in ez2view will be used in several widgets in ez2view:

  • In real time, if you are pointing at a Private MMS containing the data; or
  • For all clients if looking back before 04:00 on the current market day.

Most obviosly, these are shown in the ‘Bids & Offers’ widget, and in the ‘Current Bids’ widget … but bids are also used in widgets such as:

In other words, there are plenty of widgets that you might be using that are trying to update bid data in real time (and especially in time-travel).

With v9.1 we have made this a much faster/smoother operation, dealing with the new data structure:

  • Six times the volume of bids (now on a 5-minute basis); and also
  • Extra details in rebid reasons.

You should notice a significant speed difference, no matter which version you are upgrading from (but especially from v9.0).

MT PASA DUID Availability

Since the problem surfaced on Thursday 23rd September (due to an unforeseen change in data structure with decommissioning of Torrens A) we have had several clients contact us about a problem with the ‘MT PASA DUID Availability’ widget in v8 and v9.0

This has been corrected in the v9.1 release.

Tripwires to be aware of under 5MS

We’d also reiterate our caution about the potential pitfalls of both Tripwire #1 and Tripwire #2 (which come into being from Friday 1st October 2021 with the transition to Five Minute Settlement.

We’re also continuing to try to understand more of the causes of Tripwire #4.

2) Switching off earlier versions

With the release of v9.1, we can turn our mind to switching off earlier versions of the software.


For many years, we have been fairly lenient in enabling clients to operate with earlier versions of our software … some copies still running in 2021 released before v7.4.0 in May 2018!


However, doing this has been expensive in that:

  • Some clients won’t have seen the benefit of the past 4 years of investment in ongoing development because they have not upgraded; and
  • Our cost of supporting multiple versions has been higher.


Hence, with the release of v9.1 we will be more focused in ensuring that clients are always (at most) only a number of months behind the current release … certainly not 4 years!


Version Description
Version 7.x

As noted on several occasions previously (like on 22nd February 2021) we will be switching off all permutations of version 7 this week.

Version 8.x

ez2view v8 is not 5MS compatible.

There are widgets that will no longer show the correct data once we tick over into Five Minute Settlement on Friday morning this week (1st October 2021).

For this reason we’re encouraging all v8 users to upgrade to v9.1 as soon as possible.

We’ll check back in a couple weeks, and currently envisage switching off v8 before the end of October 2021.

Version 9.0

If you are currently running v9.0, please note that this is 5MS compatible.

However (as noted on 7th July 2021 when we released it) there is a known performance issue, relating to bid data, that will impact on performance in a number of widgets as discussed above.

For this reason, we would like clients to upgrade to v9.1 as soon as they are able.

At some point in future, we will be switching off v9.0 to ensure clients can’t mistakenly use an older installation file they might have saved somewhere locally.

3) Future Developments

There are two future developments we’d like to make you aware of:


Future Development Description
Version 9.2 for WDRM

We also have the fast-approaching commencement of the Wholesale Demand Response Mechanism (WDRM).

To facilitate the WDRM, the AEMO is releasing an upgrade to the MMS Schema:

  • MMS v5.1 only commences in pre-production on Monday 4th October 2021.
  • MMS v5.1 is scheduled to go into production on Sunday 24th October 2021.
  • The WDRM commences itself on Sunday 24th October 2021.

It’s a tight timetable … especially hot on the heels of 5MS and with the complication of Tripwire #3 being introduced with WDRM.

Now that v9.1 has been released, we will move onto addressing what we need to do via ez2view in version 9.2.

More about that later…

‘Release Notes’ being moved to a WordPress Website

With the release of ez2view v8 (22nd February 2021) we established this new website at help.ez2viewAustralia.info to provide help to licensed users of the software.

1) Widget Guides

One of the main purposes of this site has been to contain the widget-specific help guides that you can locate under the ‘?’ button on each widget.

2) Design Principles

Along with these lower-level pages we also developed some higher-level pages discussing Design Principles being used in building out the software.

3) Release Notes

In addition, we have found ourselves publishing frequent Release Notes on this site under a ‘Timeline’ heading here.

We’ll be moving these Release Notes in future to a purpose-build sub-site using WordPress … which will enable you to more easily keep tabs on upcoming releases to the software.


If you have any questions about any of the above, please:

  • Call us on +61 7 3368 4064
  • Email one of the team directly; or
  • Contact us through this form.