v9.2.1.7 Released

On Tuesday 5th October 2021 we released v9.2.1.7 of ez2view.


Last week we released the first version of v9.1, which was the first version of ez2view fully compatible with MMS 5.0 and hence 5 Minute Settlement. Since it’s release we discovered a small number of bugs, which have been corrected and are reflected in this release. These corrections include:

  • Enabling the display of real-time data for non-scheduled units in the ‘Station Dashboard’ and ‘Unit Dashboard’ widgets.
  • Bug Fix – Excessive CPU usage for some users when displaying the ‘Overview Trading and Charts’ widget.
  • Bug Fix – The Bid Table within the ‘Bids & Offers’ widget was not operating correctly when FCAS bid types were selected.
  • Bug Fix – Within the ‘Regional Trading Prices’ widget, the settings dialogue box had the lookback options incorrectly labelled as ’30-minute intervals’ instead of ‘Trading Intervals’.
  • Bug Fix – Issue where some settings options in the bid stack chart (in the ‘Bids & Offers’ widget) were not working.