ez2view v9.3.3.11 released (several bug fixes)

Earlier this week, we posted about the first release of ez2view v9.3

… which was a version to provide visibility of Negawatts created through the Wholesale Demand Response Mechanism, amongst other enhancements.

At that point, clients have not yet been notified to subscribe to this site for automated email alerts  when new versions are released … i.e. have to manually email clients one last time to let them know.

In the meantime, clients notified us of a couple bugs that they had found in two of the widgets within ez2view, as follows:

Bug #1 = ‘Notifications’ widget (our ref Case 5659)

Improves the check of which notifications (by notification rule) have already been raised so that duplicate market notice notifications aren’t re-raised during repeated checks in the same dispatch interval.

Bug #2 = ‘Bids & Offers’ widget (our ref Case 5658)

Corrects the future data displayed in the the merit order table (top right) in the bids & offers widget when a future point in time is selected. Previously, the data was stuck at the most recently selected historical point in time.

Bug #3 = ‘Bids & Offers’ widget (our ref Case 5658)

Price setter information in the merit order table (top right) in the bids & offers widget is not known and therefore not displayed when future intervals are selected.

These enhancements are added on top of the enhancements made in the previous v9.3 release.  As such, we would encourage you to upgrade to this newest ‘Stable Release’ – version accessible here:

We look forward to seeing you upgraded!


Remember that we are switching off v8 prior to Christmas 2021!