Introducing three new widgets (and another upgraded widget) available from ez2view v9.4 onwards

Since ticking into 2022, our ez2view development team has been working hard on several major additions and updates to the software. Earlier this week we made v9.4 available to our customers as the ‘Bleeding Edge’ release on the ez2view downloads page. This release gives users the first taste of three new widgets that have been under development for some time. Further details are provided in the release note below, and as always, we invite you to send through feedback or suggestions on any of these updates.


Three new widgets released in v9.4


Generator Outages Widget Released

The Generator Outages widget is a new addition to ez2view. This widget allows you to understand and inspect unit outages – it brings together actual and forecast data on the maximum daily energy availability of scheduled generators.


You can configure this widget by setting the ‘forecast range’ which defines the look-back and look-forward periods. You can then scroll horizontally to visually see the full set of data. One unit (DUID) is shown in each row. The height of the row is determined by the maximum capacity of the unit, or the minimum height to hold the text. An outage (where availability is zero) is shown in red. When available, the green box is filled to the proportion of the maximum capacity that is available.

For historical/actual data, what’s shown is the highest daily bid of availability (MAXAVAIL) made by each unit. For forecasted data, what’s shown is taken from the MT-PASA unit availability data submitted to AEMO by scheduled generators, with out-of-date forecasts shown in a lighter colour.

Full instructions for this widget can be found in the Generator Outages widget guide.



Bid Explorer Widget Released

The Bid Explorer widget is the second major widget introduced in v9.4 of ez2view. This widget is designed for you to filter and view bid details, in order for you to explore and understand how and if a bid has evolved over time. The widget is especially useful to see the differences and impact between each rebid.

The Bid Explorer widget contains a toolbar, table and chart relating to generator bids for a given commodity and period of time. Each row in the table represents an individual bid with the columns representing the data relating to that bid (e.g. DUID, trading day, offer date, explanation, etc.). The bids displayed are filtered based on how you have configured the toolbar and filters at the top of the widget.

At the bottom of the widget is a stacked step area chart for the trading day (i.e. 4am to 4am) that the selected bid applies to or within. The dark checkered box that overlays the chart represents the period of time within the trading day that had already passed at the offer date and time (hence the period of time that the rebid does not, and can not, apply to).

A key feature of this widget is that you can use your up and down keys on your keyboard to step through successive rebids (i.e. changing the selected bid), appearing as if animated in the chart.

Full instructions for this widget can be found in the Bid Explorer widget guide.



Constraints Dashboard Widget Released

The Constraints Dashboard widget has been made available in the latest release of v9.4 – but note that it is still under intensive development.  We’ve released this widget in order to better enable clients to participate in the further development of this widget:

To find this new widget, search for a particular constraint ID in the ez2view explorer.

There is much still to do, but the intention with this widget is that it will load dynamic data about LHS properties to enable users to better understand the impact of the constraint on various affected DUIDs:

1)   It loads with available data in Real-Time Mode

2)  The data available to load will be greater in Time-Travel Mode (looking back to yesterday or days before that).

Over time we will progressively move to the more interactive (chart on the left and table on the right) format we have been building on for some time in the ‘Unit Dashboard’ widget – such that you will be able to (not possible yet) click on a part of the chart to have the data load in the table.

This widget is still in the early stages of development and the widget guide will be published soon. In the meantime, we are seeking your feedback to inform the direction of our future development on this widget.

At some point in the future (quite some time away) when we are finished with this widget, we might retire the older ‘Constraint Details’ widget.


Other enhancements


Constraint filter added to Constraint Sets widget



After receiving several suggestions from customers, you can now filter Constraint Sets with any Constraint Equation filter:

for instance, you can filter Constraint Sets on containing Constraint Equations with specific DUIDs on the LHS


NEM Prices v2 widget Updated

We have also made changes to the NEM Prices v2 web widget since the last stable release.

This widget is available in the installed software

At some point later, we’ll also make it available also available through ‘ez2view online‘, which  and can be viewed from a web browser by visiting

The latest changes to this widget includes the following:

  • Clearer colour-coded thermaling of price details, to make it easier to see price excursions across 45 commodity/region combinations
  • Chevron icons have been added to indicate larger changes since the previous dispatch interval.
  • Mouse over displays a comparison of data since the last interval.
  • A compact new table layout when displayed at smaller dimensions.