ez2view v9.7.1.25 released for EMMS v5.2

As noted in the earlier release note, on Tue 9th May 2023 we released ez2view v9.6.1.99 as the last version of ez2view compatible with EMMS v5.0 and EMMS v5.1.


(A)  What’s new in ez2view v9.7.1.25

Two weeks after our release of v9.6.1.99, on Tue 23rd May 2023 the AEMO pushed to ‘Production’ the EMMS Data Model v5.2 – to support a number of different market enhancements scheduled for implementation through the remainder of calendar 2023.

In conjunction with the upgrade to EMMS v5.2 we incremented the version of ez2view to be v9.7.*:

1)   On 22nd May we released v9.7.1.6 – and then on 23rd May we released v9.7.1.8 – and then on 29th May we released v9.7.1.20;

… all of this followed our ‘inside of the sausage machine’ process.

2)   This was followed on Thursday 1st June 2023 by v9.7.1.25 (the subject of this Release Note).

As captured at 1st June 2023, the ez2view installer page is listing v9.7.* under ‘Latest and Greatest’:

Keeping in mind that it’s less than a month since the release of v9.6.1.99, this note reflects some of the enhancements made to the software since that preceding release:

(A1)  Upgraded ‘Unit Dashboard’ widget for Semi-Scheduled units

Somewhere around Wed 21st June – Fri 23rd June it is currently anticipated that AEMO will ‘go live’ with a change to the bidding requirements (and opportunities) for Semi-Scheduled units.

Specifically this relates to enabling use of MaxAvail in the bid for Semi-Scheduled units.

(A1a)  Prior information from us

On 25th May, our Linton Corbet wrote on WattClarity®  about this ‘… imminent improvement to the bidding and dispatch process for Semi-Scheduled units’.  This article included some information about:

1) What is the change?

2)  Why the need (opportunity) for the change?

3)  How ez2view v9.7.1.25 is configured to show this new data (including an illustration of the enhanced ‘Unit Dashboard’ widget).

At the time of the article, it was anticipated that this might be live around Thursday 12th June – but based on an email from AEMO on 2nd June – we now understand that this is anticipated for 21st-23rd June 2023.

Linton’s article followed one on 23rd May by Paul McArdle about ‘AEMO’s MMS 5.2, ez2view v9.7, Semi-Scheduled MaxAvail in the Bid, and a self-forecasting example’, which also included an illustration of the enhanced ‘Unit Dashboard’ widget.

(A1b)  Information from AEMO

That email from AEMO on 2nd June also included new versions of several documents, including:

1)  The ‘NEM Operational Forecasting and Dispatch Handbook for wind and solar generators’ … (v1.4 – which will be downloadable from here on the AEMO website when this is live).

2)  The AEMO’s ‘Australian Wind Energy Forecasting System (AWEFS) and Australian Solar Energy Forecasting System (ASEFS)’ … (v4 from June 2023 – not sure where this will be downloadable from, when this is live)

3)  The Guide to Intermittent Generation … (a version newer than v8.01 – which will be downloadable from here on the AEMO website when this is live)

4)  The Participant Forecasting FAQ … (v1.3 – which will be downloadable from here on the AEMO website when this is live)

… which might be useful to readers here.


(A2)  Upgraded Schematics

As with all upgrades to the software, we’ve endeavoured to ensure the Regional Schematics widgets have kept pace with new unit & station additions, and also

1)   In the QLD Region we added a number of new units/stations, including:

• MOUSF1 (Moura Solar Farm)
• DULAWF1 (Dulacca Wind Farm)

2)  In the NSW region, the additions have included:

• RIVNBG2 and RIVNBL2 (Riverina 2 BESS)
• DPNTBG1 and DPNTBL1 (Darlington Point BESS)

3)  In the VIC region, the additions have included:


4)  In the SA region, you can now see:

• GSWF1A (Goyder South 1 Wind Farm)
• Fixed the representation of Tailem Bend 2 Hybrid

5)  No new additions to the TAS Region

… and we’re also thinking through more strategic enhancements to these widgets.


(A3)  Enhanced ‘Constraint Bound’ logic

Back on 9th June 2022, Marcelle Gannon wrote on WattClarity® about ‘Interconnector constraints and limits – an explainer and a few traps’.

… one of these traps related to the fact that constraint equations can be bound even if the Marginal Value is absolute zero.

With this upgrade to v9.7.1.25, we have now implemented broader (and more correct) logic such that a constraint is bound if either of the following are true:

Condition 1 = non-zero Marginal Vale and/or

Condition 2 = headroom (i.e. LHS-RHS) is absolute zero.

This definition of ‘bound’ then cascades through to the various widgets that alert on that definition in some way, such as:

(a)  The ‘Constraint Dashboard’ and ‘Dispatch Constraints’ widget, that are now coloured by logic introduced in v9.6; and

(b)  The installed ‘Notifications’ widget.

(B)  Switching off everything prior to v9.5.1.216

You might have also noted that we lifted the ‘Minimum Supported Version’ on the ez2view installer page in order to assist us best serve all of our customers:

From this point:

1)  The minimum supported version is v9.5.1.216 (released back on 4th october 2022, so now 8 months ago); and

2)  We’ll be switching off older versions; and

3)  We’ll be contacting all clients in the coming weeks to inform them of this