ez2view v9.7.2.0 released

On 1st June 2023 we released ez2view v9.7.1.25 (in parallel with the AEMO upgrade of the EMMS to v5.2) – and we published these Release Notes to sum up some of what was new.

Shortly after the Release Notes, we contacted all existing ez2view customers:

1)  To alert them to this release

2)  To let them know that v9.6.1.99 (released 9th May 2023) will be the last version released compatible with EMMS v5.0 (now legacy).

3)  To alert all clients that versions older than v9.5.1.216 (which was released back on 4th Oct 2022) would be switched off.


Since that 1st June date there have been more incremental upgrades to the software released:

1)  10 versions in the 32 days to 3rd July 2023

2)  For those who have not read them, worth referring to  this ‘explanation of our development process’ (including about why so many upgrades.

We thought it  was worth particularly highlighting the v9.7.2.0 release on Monday 3rd July 2023 for a couple reasons, including the following:

(A)  Enhancements in v9.7.2.0

There have been other things implemented, but in particular we’d like to highlight enhancements we’ve made to various widgets with respect to analysing Bids (Offers) for Generator and Scheduled Loads, as follows:

(A1)  ‘Unit Dashboard’ widget

Remember you can access this ‘Unit Dashboard’ widget by clicking on any hyperlinked DUID in the application (e.g. alerts, bids, constraints, etc…) – not to be confused with the ‘Station Details’ widget.

The ‘Unit Dashboard’ widget has been enhanced (based on customer requests) to show bids:

(a)  Not in ‘Bid Ranges’, as they were previously;
(b)  But instead the actual ‘Bid Prices’ submitted by the Registered Participant for that DUID…
… remembering that all Bids (Offers) are shown in ez2view at the RRN (not as submitted at the Station Gate) to aid in comparability between units.

Here’s a quick illustration from Wednesday 5th July for the BW03 unit (click on the image for a larger view):

The same four general colours are used as are default across the application (and in GenInsights and each year’s GSD) for bids:

Black/Grey = ‘must run’ Fixed Load
Blue = $0 and below
Green = above $0 to $300 (i.e. traditional SRMC)
Pink/Red = above $300 to the MPC.

Remember we upgraded this widget with v9.7.1.25 to show the source of the Availability, which will be especially used when Semi-Scheduled units can actively utilise MaxAvail in their bid (AEMO scheduled now from Wed 12th July 2023).

Also worth noting is that, (for Scheduled Loads) NEMDE considers bids for dispatch (i.e. instructions to consume) from high prices to low.  Hence we’ve flipped the order of the bids in the table as shown here for HPRL1 unit:

More to come, with this widget, to provide enhanced visibility for a given DUID.

(A2)  ‘Station Details’ widget

The ‘Station Details’ widget (which is linked behind the relevant station on the Regional Schematics) has been similarly upgraded, as shown here for the BAYSW station ID:

This widget will be further refined in future upgrades as a ‘collection of DUIDs’ navigator.

(A3)  ‘Bids & Offers’ widget

This approach (i.e. showing the discrete Bid Prices, not just the Bid Ranges) has been extended into the ‘Bids & Offers’ widget as well – but here there’s extended functionality:

With this widget:

(a)  you still can select back to the ‘Heat Mapped Price Bucket’ (i.e. Bid Ranges) if you want

(b)  … or you could create your own Bid Ranges as a new ‘Price Bucket’ filter … remembering you can then share these settings across your organisation as an artefact.

(A4)  ‘Bid Explorer’ widget

This approach has also been extended into the ‘Bid Explorer’ widget as well – but here again there’s extended functionality.

More enhancements to come with this widget … we’d particularly like to hear from those users who have come to value this widget since its release in v9.5!

(A5)  ‘Bid Details’ widget

This approach has also been extended into the ‘Bid Details’ widget.


(B)  Bug fixes in v9.7.2.0

Included amongst the enhancements are a number of bug fixes we have implemented to rectify quirks in earlier versions that some clients have come across.


(C)  Accessing the installer for v9.7.2.0

Until it is superseded (as a result of this), you’ll be able to download v9.7.2.0 under the ‘Latest and Greatest’ column on the ez2view Installers web page.


(D)  Future enhancements

Stay tuned for more…