Two main reasons to upgrade to ez2view version 9.8 (new functionality + breaking market change)

On Thursday 5th October we noted that ez2view version 9.8 had been released.

… that release note mentioned the current build being v9.8.1.11 – but this has already progressed to v9.8.1.37 accessible here (as the new ‘latest & greatest’ at the time I type this one).

Today is Monday 9th October, so these two changes to the market are going live today, as also described in these two articles on WattClarity:

Market Change #1/2

… the commencement of FFR

Market Change #2/2

… unit outage ‘State’ and ‘Recall Time’

On Friday, Linton wrote ‘Very Fast Raise and Lower FCAS markets to start on 9 October 2023’  here:

Also going live are some new data sets being included in the ‘MT PASA DUID Availability’ data set, as noted here:


But I’d like to particularly flag these two main reasons to upgrade:


(A)  New functionality, for these new markets (and data sets)

First and foremost, we’d encourage clients to upgrade to version 9.8 to avail themselves of all of the newer functionality that’s been included in the software since the earlier version (whichever version you are currently using)

In the Release Note last week, some of the highlights were noted (but that’s not a comprehensive list).


(B)  Breaking change in the market (for versions prior to v9.8)

As new data for the 9th October 2023 changes in the market have started being published, we’ve become aware that some new data sets have not been handled seamlessly in pre-existing versions of the software (i.e. those developed prior to these 9th October additions).


B1)  FFR data in the bids

We first became aware that some widgets in ez2view experienced difficulty in dealing with some aspects of FFR bids (and registration details for units registered for FFR) for versions 9.7.*.   These were reported to us by several clients (e.g. GR Case 6436 and GR Case 6439).

Those problems we were able to resolve by server-side changes.


B2)  1-second data in LHS of some constraint equations

Additionally we’ve been made aware by a client (GR Case 6438) that there are some widgets that now fail to load correctly because of how they deal with constraints.

Specifically this happens when certain constraint equations have (now) been modified to include Left-Hand Side (LHS) terms that include the new 1-second FCAS commodities.  The list of widgets that could potentially be affected include:

(a)  Constraint-specific widgets (e.g. Constraint Dashboard, Bound Constraint, Dispatch Constraint, Constraint Equations, etc)

(b)  But also other widgets that highlight constraint impact (e.g. NEM Map, Region Schematics, etc)

Unfortunately we’re unable to make server-side changes to resolve the issue with constraints – as a result of which clients will need to upgrade to version 9.8


More enhancements to come…