ez2view v9.8.5.1 released, with more enhancements to ‘Generator Outages’ widgets

On 5th October 2023 we published this Release Note about v9.8.1 being available – to coincide with 2 market enhancements that went live from Monday 9th October 2023, and which were reviewed in WattClarity® articles at that time:

Enhancement #1)  The commencement of Fast Frequency Response (i.e. FFR) contingency FCAS; and

Enhancement #2)  The enhancement of the MT PASA DUID Availability data set.

This is a short note to inform ez2view users of further enhancements made to the ‘Generator Outages’ widget that we’ve been able to make since seeing real data from this second data sets over the past couple weeks.

This newer version (v9.8.5.1) is currently the ‘Latest and Greatest’ linked for your download and installation.

The enhancements made to the ‘Generator Outages’ widget in v9.8.5.* (compared to v9.8.1.*) are manifold – but we’d like to highlight two main ones here:

1)  Richer mouse-over tool tips

With the v9.8.5 release, we’ve extended the amount of data provided* in the mouse-over tool tips in order to help the user form their own perspectives about particular operational profiles.

* note that the data provided is different for different types of days referenced to the ‘Now’ point of your window.

2)  More useful colouring

In the v9.8 Widget Guide for the ‘Generator Outages’ widget there’s a decision flow chart included to highlight the overall intent of the colouring of individual cells for each DUID-MarketDay permutation.

This currently looks as follows:

When we released v9.8.1 at the start of October , this new ‘Unit State’ data was not live.

(a)  Rather than invest too much ahead of time (and potentially find ourselves down rabbit holes) we chose to use these first couple weeks to refine the underlying logic whilst remaining focused on the intent of the colouring shown above.

(b)  With the advantage now of a couple weeks elapsed, we’re keen to release v9.8.5 and move to the next step … which is feedback from clients using the widget (especially during times of market stress and activity) to ascertain how much further the underlying logic we have applied.


To follow from the reasoning above (and to coincide with this Release Note), we have published the article ‘Title to come and link to update’ on WattClarity ® with an illustration of this new functionality … and some questions for ez2view users.


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