Obsolete versions of ez2view being switched off in December 2023

From Friday 1st December 2023 we will be switching off obsolete versions of ez2view.  From that point they will no longer be able to run.


(A)  What versions will still be able to run?

Any copy of ez2view v9.8.* (or above) will still be able to continue running past that point.

1)  We released version 9.8.1.* late September 2023 (for two changes to the market that went live Monday 9th October) … :

(a)   as noted in this Release Note from Thursday 5th October

(b)  by which time the latest version was v9.8.1.11

2)  Since that time there have been a number of upgrades to the ‘Latest and Greatest’ version

3)  We marked v9.8.3.8 as the focused ‘Slow Channel’ release on 16th October 2023

… if you are using v9.8.* but less than v9.8.3.8 it would be worth upgrading to (at least) this version, as we’ve uncovered some relatively minor bugs etc in the first iterations of v9.8.1.*

4)  We specifically drew attention to v9.8.5.1 in this subsequent Release Note (on 1st Nov 2023)

5)  And there are upgrades that have continued since that point.

You’ll always be able to download the current versions of ez2view at this page.



(B)  Switching off Obsolete (and incorrect!) versions

Any version earlier than v9.8.* is now obsolete … and will be showing you an incorrect and/or misleading view of the NEM.

… this is because there are new markets created from Monday 9th October that are not provided for in versions released before then.

You can find the version you’re currently running of ez2view in the top-right of any window in your installed copy … such as in this example:

When December 2023 rolls around (and if you are still running one of these Obsolete versions of ez2view) you might see a message something like as follows:

As the image above shows, if you need help at any time, please contact us:

1)  Email our Customer Support line.

2)  or give us a call.


If you are not there already, we look forward to seeing you upgraded to version 9.8 … and then into the future.