ez2view v9.8.5.28 released to fix issue with an escalating number of FCAS bids

On Monday 20th November 2023 we released ez2view v9.8.5.28 – this version is available under ‘Latest and Greatest’ on the Installers downloads page.


(A)  Bug with FCAS Bids prior to v9.8.5.28

One of our clients recently bumped into a bug that related to certain days (e.g. 10th, 14th, 15th and 20th November 2023) that saw an exponentially increasing number of FCAS bids being collated that has already exceeded levels we initially envisaged:

1)   The number of bids started climbing around the start of Five Minute Settlement

… but was only partially due to the move to 5-minute commercial pricing

… on 26th October 2021 we wrote on WattClarity® about ‘The rise of the auto-bidder’, but that chart only shows the start of the hockey-stick.

2)  Other factors include:

(a)  Increased participation in FCAS Markets

(b)  The widespread deployment of auto-bidders

… especially crude/simplistic forms of autobidder that are increasingly spamming  the market with ‘Noise Bids’ (such as those analysed in the GSD2022, and which will be addressed again in the upcoming GSD2023).

(c)  The advent of the 2 new commodities (FFR Raise and Lower), which commenced on Monday 9th October 2023.

As a result of this, copies of ez2view up until v9.8.2.27 started returning errors (such as reported by a client in GR Case 6513).

This was manifesting itself in subtle errors – so we invested time in the cloud-based repository of bid data (which all copies use for historical queries) to ensure that clear blanks* would be returned in affected versions on Market Days that saw the number of FCAS bids above the threshold.

* i.e. our reasoning being that ‘blank data is less pernicious than incorrect data’.

This now manifests as seen in this example from v9.8.2.27 in ‘Bids & Offers’ widget here:

Note this does not affect ENERGY bids at this point (numbers are lower), but will be seen in any widget showing FCAS bids on these days.

That’s all we can do without the user installing an upgrade…..


(B)  Now fixed with v9.8.5.28

… so we released an upgrade to v9.8.5.28 – which is available under ‘Latest and Greatest’ on the Installers downloads page (or a later release, if this has been superseded).

Here’s a view of the fixed view of FCAS bids in the ‘Bids & Offers’ widget in the new version:

Note no blanks for 10th, 14th, 15th and 20th November 2023.