Obsolete versions of ez2view switched off – Monday 4th December 2023

From 10:00 (NEM time … i.e. UTC+10) on Monday 4th December 2023 you might be presented with a window something like this if you’re trying to run an obsolete* copy of ez2view:

* i.e. a version prior to version 9.8.*

The vast majority of our clients have upgraded to some permutation of the currently supported versions of the software.   But we checked earlier today, and there were still a handful of copies still running v9.7 or earlier versions.


(A)  Steps taken to alert clients to the obsolete versions

This was despite us contacting clients in several ways, including the following:

(A1)  Via this Timeline site

On 10th November 2023, we wrote about how ‘Obsolete versions of ez2view being switched off in December 2023’.

… that note said from 1st December, but we thought it better to wait until Monday 4th December to enable us to provide better support to any clients who’d not yet upgraded.

(A2)  Via the running application

Since early October 2023 (when we released the first permutations of v9.8.*), older versions of ez2view have carried a message in the top-right of all windows, as shown here from our copy prior to 10:00 this morning:

(A3)  Via direct email, in many cases

In many cases where we saw obsolete copies still running, we emailed particular clients directly.


(B)   More enhancements coming…

Now that we’ve wrapped up the deprecation of v9.7.* and beforehand, we can fully focus on current and future versions.

Given we’re into summer 2023-24 (and it’s likely to be a hot one, with potentially stretched supplies at times) we’ll look forward to releasing the next enhancements to the software …