ez2view ‘Transition Release’ in preparation for IESS

On Monday 27th May 2024 we make the v9.9.3.351 ‘Transition Release’ of ez2view available for clients.

We’re also notifying clients that all prior versions of ez2view are incompatible with the arrival of bid-directional units following the IESS rule change and, as a result, we’ll be switching off all older versions in 2 months.

In this Release Note we explain more …


About IESS, and its impact on ez2view

On 28th April 2024 we published ‘What is IESS, and why is it relevant to ez2view’.  We strongly recommend you read this before proceeding here.

The key point is that there are three key dates, looking forwards, with respect to IESS and its impact on ez2view:

Three key dates What’s relevant about those dates
Mon 3rd June 2024 This is when the IESS Rule Change goes live.

We have tested most currently operational versions of ez2view and they will continue to run satisfactorily at the go-live data until BDUs first appear in the predispatch and dispatch process.

Possibly end-of-June 2024

… when BDUs begin to appear in the predispatch and dispatch process

This is the critical date.

On 8th May 2024, the AEMO advised us:

‘While registrations for new BDUs can technically begin from the IESS Rule effective date, i.e., 3 June 2024, the first BDU registration is not expected until the end of June 2024 at the earliest. This means that while the changes to the production environment to cater for registrations will be in the system, the first BDU will not be seen in the environment until the end of June. Existing BESS that must cutover from the current two-DUID model to the single BDU DUID model will begin from mid-July (26 batteries transitioning through March 2025), from which time they will also start to appear in production’

… so on the basis of this feedback (and what we have heard from others) we believe ez2view clients will need to have upgraded to this ‘Transition Release’ of ez2view (or better) before the end of June.

Monday 29th July 2024 Because all prior versions will begin to encounter problems when BDUs start appearing in dispatch or predispatch data, we intend to switch off all old versions of this software.

So clients have 2 months before then to upgrade to this ‘Transition Release’ of ez2view, or better.



Versions of ez2view

With reference to the above, the key thing you need to understand with respect to three different ez2view versions:

Three versions What’s relevant about those versions
All pre-existing versions Any pre-existing version (i.e. any version you have running prior to this ‘Transition Release’):

  • will stop working correctly when a BDU first appears in predispatch or dispatch;
  •  which is ‘not expected until the end of June 2024 at the earliest’.
  • is no longer supported

All of these versions will be switched off from Monday 29th July 2024.  You will have to upgrade to one of the versions below before that time.



This ‘Transition Release’ has been made available on Monday 27th May 2024.

You can download this here:


We have made it available now so that organisations can begin the installation process now, so all users have a version that is compatible with BDU arrival.

In making this build ready early, with some enhancements we have taken the approach of ensuring the data is correct – though the widgets were not as fully fleshed out as we would like them to be.

These ‘finishing’ enhancements have been slotted in for development in future releases below.



Versions to come …

Now that we’ve made the ‘Transition Release’ of ez2view, we’ve immediately continued to build new versions of the software:

At this point, these new versions:

  • Are continuing to make progressive enhancements to the software;
  • Some of these are related to the ‘Known Issues’ (with v9.9.3.351 as described below);
  • Whilst some are related to other aspects of the market (or customer suggestions).

With these versions

  • They have passed our automated test process, but have not yet been the focus of a comprehensive manual test pass (given the pace of development, as explained here earlier)
  • But is the version we are using internally as you will see in WattClarity analysis.




What’s new in this ‘Transition Release’?

On Monday 4th December 2023 we switched off what were the obsolete versions of ez2view at that time (i.e. those earlier than v9.8.*).

A quick scan of versions run recently shows that:

  • whilst many clients are running what was ‘Latest and Greatest’ before this ‘Transition Release’,
  • some users are still running older copies, including v9.8.* (some versions of which were released prior to December 2023) … in which case these users are now >6 months out of date.

As such, the following ‘what’s new’ list is written for those clients running v9.8.*, with IESS specific changes called out.  Given our iterative development process and significant investment in the software over this ~6 month period, the following list is not exhaustive, but instead tries to touch on some highlights:

Enhancements Enhancements in v9.9.3.351 ‘Transition Release’
Schematics Summing up, we’ve made three enhancements compared to the version you’ve been using:

  • We’ve updated the schematics for all new stations (in AEMO production, and pre-production systems);
  • In doing this, we have changed the sort order of the Stations within transmission zones to be alphabetical by station name;
  • In preparation for the arrival of BDUs we have enhanced the representation of all double-sided stations to appear as per the image here for Wandoan BESS and Wivenhoe PHS:

When BDUs arrive, you’ll see the number of DUIDs (i.e. dots) initially increase by 1, and then reduce by 2 as the old *G1 and *L1 DUIDs are de-registered.

Double-sided bid stack chart We have implemented logic such that all bids for consumption in the ENERGY market are shown as negative numbers.

Specifically this applies to:

  • All pre-existing scheduled loads, such as pumping on hydro and charging on batteries; and
  • All consumption side of bids for Bi-Directional Units, once they emerge.

This was implemented as described in ‘Preparing ez2view for IESS (IRP and BDU), which goes live Monday 3rd June 2024’, which included this image:

But it’s important for clients to understand that this is not the case for Negawatts in ENERGY … because of Tripwire #3.

‘Bids & Offers’ widget

+ ‘Current Bids’ widget

In addition to the above, we have (based on customer requests – GR Case 6664) implemented a ‘download to CSV’ button on the ‘Current Bids’ widget.

This CSV extract includes (as a column not shown on the display) the Energy-Constrained Volume modifying ‘As Bid’ quantities for Semi-Scheduled units.

‘Bids Details’ widget


‘Bid Comparison’ widget

There’s more to do with the ‘Bid Details’ Widget (and the related ‘Bid Comparison’ Widget), as noted below under Known Limitations.
‘Unit Dashboard’ widget  

Enhancements include:

  • Units in the energy market will show the Gen or Load side (or both, for BDUs and DC-coupled Hybrids), depending on their Dispatch Type in the Capacity, and Bid Prices sections.
  • Units in FCAS markets will show their respective FCAS capacities and bids, now labelled with the selected FCAS service for clarity.
  • When viewing an FCAS service, the Enablement for that service has been moved to the top of the “Dispatch” section, allowing the Energy Target to be displayed separately recognising the utility in seeing both values at once.

We also fixed a bug (GR Case 6638) that had been introduced at some point that meant Non-Scheduled units no longer appeared in the chart for this widget.

There’s more to do with the ‘Unit Dashboard’, as noted below under Known Limitations.


‘Station Dashboard’ widget The enhancements noted above for ‘Unit Dashboard’ widget also apply here for the ‘Station Dashboard’ widget.  As such, for any station showing two or more units of different direction (e.g. for Wivenhoe Pumped Storage) the two directions will be shown together.

Note that this is the renaming of what used to be called ‘Station Details’ widget … and that this renaming process is not complete in all locations.

There’s more to do with the ‘Station Dashboard’, as noted below under Known Limitations.

‘Constraint Dashboard’ widget We fixed a bug (GR Case 6522) on y-axis scaling on the chart.

Specifically with respect to IESS:

  • This widget has been tested to work with BDUs LHS terms. These Units (single DUIDs) will appear as LHS terms replacing their former (two DUIDs – *G1 and *L1).
  • The number for the Contribution will be correct, but the display won’t be as clear as we desire.

See below for more, under ‘Known Limitations’.

‘Constraint Set’ widget At the request of a client (GR Case 6726) we added in a mouse-over of the Constraint Set description in this widget:

‘PASA’ widget There was some enhancement to the ‘PASA’ widget requested by clients (e.g. GR Case 6328 and GR Case 6591).

In the process of delivering these specific enhancements, the ‘PASA’ widget have been comprehensively updated, to take account of the changes AEMO has made to their ST PASA and MT PASA processes in recent years.

More details are published directly as ‘Enhancements to the ‘PASA’ widget in ez2view for the v9.9.3.351 Transition Release’.

‘Generator Outages’ widget Depending on which version you’re using, you might find that this ‘Transition Release’ to ez2view contains a number of enhancements to the ‘Generator Outages’ widget.

Enhancements include:

Trends Engine We’ve implemented some enhancements that were described in this ‘April 2024 (starting) enhancements to ‘Trends Engine’ inside of ez2view, in preparation for IESS’ note.

There’s more to do with the ‘’Trends Engine’, as noted below under Known Limitations.

‘Notifications’ widget This is the widget that runs within the installed copy of ez2view, evaluating against your chosen source of AEMO data (could be your own Private Data).

1)   Fixed ‘Dispatch Error’ alert to align it with the standard implementation of the logic.

2)   At the request of clients (GR Case 6318 & GR Case 6325) we added in the following alert, which will be particularly useful for ‘normally fully on’ units, like Semi-Scheduled units:

3)  More generally, the naming of the alerts (and the messages triggered when TRUE) have been renamed to account for the bi-directionality components.

‘SMS Alerts’ widget This is the widget that is configured within your installed copy of ez2view – but evaluates in the cloud with respect to the source of ‘public only’ data set there.  SMS alerts are the action possible.

1)   Recently we have added the ability to choose and configure the Sender as a plain text field, which is configurable differently for each alert (should you choose to do so):

… doing this enables separate collation of messages on your phone when you receive them.

2)  There’s other enhancements made as well.

Market Notices You can now select multiple rows and paste into Excel as tab separated.


‘Forecast Convergence’ widget This widget has been enhanced to show a number of additional data sets – some related to the IESS changes, and some added coincident with this release.  This was done

1)  At the NEM aggregate level, as seen here:


2)  At the Region level, as seen here:


3)  For {your filtered list of} Units, as seen here:



Suggest you review the ‘Forecast Convergence’ Widget Help File for more information (albeit that this has not yet been updated to reflect all the changes).

‘MT PASA DUID Availability’ widget When BDUs appear, it’s only the generation-side availability of the facility that will appear in this widget.
‘NEM Summary Stats’ Widget The Table at the top includes

  • BDU gen contributions
  • BDU availability
  • Surplus accounts for BDU contributions

The NEM Summary Chart is based on these values, and hence accounts for BDU.

The Generation by Region is now an aggregation of positive power from all units (including BDUs).

See below for known limitations of ‘Emissions Rate by Region’ chart, and broader questions about the relevance of this widget.



In addition, we should note the following notable bugs that have been fixed over the past ~6 months, so might still be present in the version you are running (depending what that is):

Notable bugs Bug fixes in v9.9.3.351 ‘Transition Release’
Corrected what were incorrect ‘CPD Price’ during certain OCD periods This was particularly apparent during the ‘Significant Power Event’ on Tuesday 13th February 2024 (as Allan briefly touched on in his article here).

This we corrected in v9.9.1.98.

Problem with earlier versions on days when too many bids are submitted From November 2023, our clients have bumped into a bug that related to certain days that saw an exponentially increasing number of FCAS bids being collated that has already exceeded levels we initially envisaged.

This we corrected in v9.8.5.28.


Known Limitations …

Your ‘Transition Release’ copy of ez2view will have this banner displayed in the top-right of the application:

We have separately compiled a list of the ‘known limitations’ and, for clarity, have shifted this into its own article Known Limitations with the Transition Release of ez2view on 27th May 2024′ also published on the same day.