Enhancements already made, beyond the Transition Release of ez2view

We’re counting down the days till we see the first bi-directional units (BDUs) in operation in the NEM.

1)  Following an update from the AEMO last week, we posted ‘When will we start seeing BDUs in dispatch?’, including useful timetable highlighting a 21-day cut-over period for each battery.

2)  We’ve followed on from that to also note ‘What to expect (in ez2view) when bi-directional units emerge’.

3)  There’s also a more direct reminder that we’re ‘Switching off older versions of ez2view (pre v9.9.3.351) from Monday 29th July 2024’.


On 27th May, when we published the Release Note for the Transition Release, we also wrote about these Known Issues.

Continuing to follow our iterative development process, we’ve already rolled on to produce subsequent enhancements to the software – which are accessible as ‘Latest & Greatest’ here.

In particular, we’d like to highlight these specific enhancements:


Further Enhancements
beyond v9.9.3.351
Predispatch bids fixed
(from v9.9.4.7),
for Private Data
The particular issue listed at the top of this list of Known Limitations became apparent to us after we’d made the Transition Release available.

1)   In the batch of manual tests we ran for v9.9.3.351 we constructed tests that ‘faked’ what an EMMS would look like if it contained Private Bids in real time (this is something we needed to newly do because of changes to bids as part of MMS 5.3, IESS and BDUs).   With our faked EMMS the tests passed last week and so we released v9.9.3.351.

2)  Out of an abundance of caution, one of our engineers (with the client’s permissions) ran the v9.9.3.351 against a real EMMS we host for one of our clients and found that:

(a)  Whilst bids in real time displayed correctly

(b)  There were problems with bids in predispatch.

3)  As such, there’s a known issue with v9.9.3.351 with clients pointing to their Private MMS.

4)  We promptly corrected this issue, and rolled the correction into v9.9.4.7  on 28th May.

Any version of ‘Latest & Greatest’ from that point forward will contain this correction.


Updates to the Schematics There are ongoing enhancements made to this widget (as part of our iterative development process) each time new units appear in AEMO’s pre-production environment.

… for instance, we updated the QLD schematic to add in Clarke Creek Wind Farm, because it had only just been notified as in pre-production after the Transition Release was made available.


Trends Engine In April 2024 we noted ‘… (starting) enhancements to ‘Trends Engine’ inside of ez2view, in preparation for IESS’ .

Since the release of the Transition Release:

1)   we have also added in the second new tab, the ‘Units (NEM FCAS)’ tab as noted on 5th June.

2)  more recently still, we have further enhanced this tab as follows:

(a)  we have added new data series showing the Capacity of a unit in each FCAS commodity the unit participates in (together with Availability and Enablement this series enables greater investigation into unit performance and the growth of FCAS markets).

(b)  we have also simplified the display to show only data selectors for markets that the unit does participate in. This simplification extrapolates up to aggregations where all units in the aggregation do not participate in a market.

… these enhancements are both shown here (click on image for a larger view):



We’re continuing to roll on from this point, with other enhancements…